We are a specialized tech recruitment agency that matches top talent with companies looking for their skill sets.
Our expert team understands your requirements and gets you qualified candidates within 48 hours.

Who we are

Why choose Nextech Hire?

We offer unparalleled expertise in sourcing top-tier tech talent, ensuring a seamless recruitment process that aligns with your business and drives sustained growth across the digital landscape

We Have Passion

With unwavering passion at our core, we fervently drive every recruitment process, ensuring that each candidate's potential is recognized, and every placement is a testament to our relentless commitment to excellence.

We Are Global

Our IT recruitment network spans the globe, connecting businesses with the brightest tech minds worldwide. With a robust international presence, we bring a diverse pool of top-tier IT professionals to your fingertips, ensuring your company has access to the best global talent for continued success in the digital era.

We Are Proactive

With a proactive mindset ingrained in our ethos, we anticipate industry shifts and leverage our foresight to present you with agile, forward-thinking solutions, ensuring your team stays ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.
We understand complex business requirements to address current and future hiring needs in today’s forever changing technological landscape.Dhruv Patel, Founder - Nextech Hire
We’re able to identify trends & potential challenges in the tech talent market, allowing us to craft hiring strategies that are agile & effective.Rassul Choudhury, Co-founder - Nextech Hire

Our Technology

We help businesses deliver high-impact and high-quality technology projects by using our unrivaled global sourcing capabilities to attract diverse talent within the region.

Software Engineering

We provide comprehensive talent across the entire software development lifecycle, from requirements analysis, system design, coding, testing, deployment, continuous integration and beyond.

Data Science & Machine Learning

We construct elite data talent proficient in transforming complex datasets into actionable insights, enabling predictive modeling, and automating operations through cutting-edge data science and machine learning methodologies.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We provide the expertise necessary for constructing, overseeing, and safeguarding your enterprise’s cloud infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive internal fortification and seamless operations.

Network & Cyber Security

Our team specializes in the supply of talent who can fortify your network through cutting-edge cybersecurity measures, providing comprehensive protection against potential threats and ensuring uninterrupted, secure operations for your business.

Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics

The future of business is Big Data. Yet with the digital universe predicted to expand by a factor of ten in the near future, more than 75% of businesses lack the expertise to mine this data & reveal information critical to increasing ROI.


We offer experts in implementing and optimizing ERP & CRM solutions, ensuring seamless integration and comprehensive customization to streamline your business operations and enhance customer relationship management and resource planning.

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